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Heralding the Next Twenty!

Inside 20thanniversarymac

What's New?

There have been several sites that have been host to the TAM in the past, some of them are still around while some have disappeared like a shadow in the night. Some of the early sites like Tam.axon.net and Georgecole.com are no longer around. Mactivist.com and Mac512.com are both very useful sites as well as a few others that offer some pertinent information on the TAM.

So what is 20thanniversarymac.com all about?

This site will host many features that have been present in past and present TAM sites, such as specs, photos, videos, archival information, links to other interesting TAM sites, instructions, manuals/brochures, downloadable patches and drivers, and a forum. Mostly what I want to accomplish is to create the most complete TAM site to date, compiling from previous sites to create a one-stop TAM resource tool for your collection piece.

The community network above is available for those that want to share content and exchange ideas with other TAM owners. If you have questions or want to buy and sell a TAM, this is the place to be.

The community is through Spruz and is 100% free, absolutely no charge to members. Feel free to sign up and join the discussion boards, submit a blog, photos, videos, etc.

It would be folly to loose what information has been accumulated thus far and should be archived for future use for preserving the TAM and keeping both this wonderful machine and its storied history alive for future generations.




Recent Updates:

Oct 2, 2013
New Forum has been opened. The old Spruz board fell away from non use. I have switched to a basic forum board vs. the social site plat forms which charge monthly. This one is basic but membership's are free and unlimited. If you had an old account on our old board it is now lost and you'll have to open a new account under the new forum.

Also, this site will be undergoing revision in the next month or so to bring it up to date and a new format. Some pages may go offline at times.

Monday May 2 2011

Click Here Click here for important info on the new Mini Sites

Saturday April 30 2011

New page: I.D. Annual Design Review added.

Monday April 18 2011

Adding some updates to the website small and large. Added a new Apple Promo Site, this is a fully interactive version vs. the jpeg collection I added a year ago.

Also adding a new welcome page in the coming weeks.

Plus adding a fully interactive TAM Axon soon. This will be a step up from the jpeg collection that is currently in place. You'll be able to visit the links and such much like in the webarchive. Basically it's a rebuild of the original TAM Axon from the ground up. So you'll be able to party like it's 1999. Literally!

Monday 4, October 2010

Added new page to TAM Spotlight, MCMXCVII. Currently working on adding full disc downloads of the original software for the Software and Drivers page.

Friday 13, August 2010

Doing some work on the Software and Drivers section in TAM TECH this week. Software updates are available, also drivers for specific OS's as well as some Apps like iTunes for OS 9.

Drivers are organized by OS's for easier downloading and access direct from the page without hunting them down in the Apple archives.

Also working on a Parts List located in TAM Marketplace. Trying to organize a list of all known part numbers, with pictures.

Wednesday 4th, August 2010

Updating homepage, adding TAM Marketplace with eBay listings and some websites that list TAM parts. TAM Marketplace is now open for anyone wanting to list parts or their machine for sale or trade and is free for members.

If you'd like something listed, please list it in TAM Marketplace on Spruz first and we can see about adding it to the homepage here. If you have an eBay listing you'd like featured, we can have a dedicated ad for it here in TAM Marketplace


Read the Prestigious Design Review

I recently obtained a copy of this issue and have added it to the site. Enjoy!

Hear the difference ... again

TAM Quicktime VR for the web in TAM Spotlight



TAM Movie Player


Launch Notes:

20thanniversarymac.com is now up, keep in mind that it is a work in progress and not all links or pages are ready at this time.

You might recognize some familar locations like TAM Tech and TAM Central. These were originated from the original site Tamaxon.net and I've decided to keep that going, although I've expanded on it some. TAM Central is now the information hub if you will, and you'll find TAM Tech within.

The forum is available through the community link above. The forum is setup similar to the forum at Appletam.ning.com and you'll find TAM Talk and a TAM Tech place there too.

Feel free to look around and stay as long as you like, I'll be updating this site often over the next few days so you might notice some changes right after you refresh your page.

This is of course the home page and you may bookmark it here if you like. You can return to the welcome page on the link above. As I make major updates I'll note them in this column.

Well, that's enough for now.

Thanks for stopping by and

Welcome to the new TAM website!


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A Brand New TAM (Is it Worth the Bother?) by Tom Willits

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Will There Be A Fortieth Anniversary Macintosh? by Tom Willits

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Continuing the Legacy by Tom Willits


Interesting Facts:

First Macintosh desktop with LCD and vertical mount CD Player, first of the PowerPC line to break from the beige color scheme. The only desktop Macintosh to feature a built in track pad. Only Macintosh to have an integrated Bose soundsystem.

A prototype TAM has a home at Computer History Museum provided by Gil Amelio


About TAM Quicktime VR

Recreating the TAM VR from the welcome package wasn't as easy as I had first imagined. The easiest way was to embed the original VR file like any other video directly onto the html page, unfortunately it wouldn't be that simple.

I had to open the original VR file and take new (captured) images of each state and move it around 360° and that had to be done for each angle, starting with the center rotating around. There are five angles, center plus two up and two down and about 18 frames around those if I remember correctly.

The images were then uploaded into a program that could outfit it for web use. Not exactly difficult, but very time consuming as there were over 100 images in the original TAM VR file.

TAM's on eBay/U.S.   TAM Marketplace


Parts, auctions, trades, get up to date listings here in Tam Marketplace.

Want a personal listing for your TAM? Selling individual parts or bundles?

Have an auction or site you'd like featured in TAM Marketplace? Contact us at 20thanniversarymac@gmail.com or members through the Community Page.


Parts, accessories, memory, Processor upgrades (limited quanties)

www.xs4trade.com European site with TAM parts



European site selling Pram batteries
Mac 4.5v Square PRAM Battery - 35 €*


EDO Memory

64MB Module 8x64-60ns, 168p DIMM, 3.3v, EDO, w/o Bf
$16.95 661-1317



Page last updated: Wednesday, 2 October, 2013

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